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Listed by year of release - newest records at the top.

Credits: "P"=Production; "CP"=Co-Production with artist, "E"=Engineering; "M"=Mixing; "MA"=Mastering; “PR”=Programming; “MP”=Musical Performance; “S”=Songwriting/Co-Writing; “A”=Arranging

08 Mark Audio Mona Lisa S P/E/PR/A/MP/M/MA
08 Blacklock Spare the Rod EP M/MA
08 Mark Audio For Your Love S P/E/PR/A/MP/M/MA
08 Mossamo Presents Bubble Gum S P/E/S/PR/A/MP/M/MA
08 Mossamo Presents Hot Chocolate S P/E/S/PR/A/MP/M/MA
08 Derek Otto Unknown A P/E/PR/A/MP/M/MA
08 Tiffany Desrosiers Alone A P/E/S/PR/A/MP/M/MA
08 Destino Forte A P/E/S/PR/A/M/MA
07 Heath Whitelock In This Madness A M/MA
07 Destino Christmas With Destino A P/E/M/MA
07 Final Destination 3 DVD Trailer Theme S P/E/S/PR/A/MP/M/MA
07 Alida Bumpy S P/E/S/PR/A/MP/M/MA
06 Mossimo Shorty Roc Wit Me S P/E/S/PR/A/MP/M/MA


Shake Shake S P/E/S/PR/A/MP/M/MA
06 Brooke Nolan Feel Good Lies S P/E/M/MA/PR/MP
06 Sean O' Shea Self Titled A P/E/M/MA
06 Alida Speak Softly S P/E/PR/M/MA
06 Drail The Circus A M/MA
06 Brooke Nolan Jumpin S P/E/M/MA/PR/MP
06 Destino Adagio S P/E/M/MA/PR/MP/A
06 Yael Wand At Your Door A CP/E/M/MA/MP
06 Julie Blue Visualize S CP/E/M/MA/PR/MP
06 Destino Destino Live In Concert A E/M/MA
06 Santa Dreams Christmas Rap S P/E/M/MA/PR/MP/A
06 Julie Blue There's Something S CP/E/M/MA/PR/MP
06 Lost In The Sun Gathering For The Gardner EP E/M/MA
06 Kia Kadiri Give It Away S P/E/M/MA/PR/MP
06 Pathways Pathways S P/E/M/MA/PR/MP
06 Tubeless Girls Self Titled A M/MA
06 T. Harv Eker Enlightened Warrior A E/M/MA
06 Kia Kadiri Tell Me S P/E/M/MA/PR/MP
06 Yael Wand In The Shadows EP CP/E/M/MA/MP
05 Gina Williams Through The Storm LP P/E/PR/MP
05 Brooke Nolan Good 4 Me EP P/E/MA/PR/MP/S
05 Aly Young Thick & Sticky EP P/E/PR
05 M Cee One Thing D E/MP
05 Heath Whitelock In This Madness EP CP/E/M/MA/PR/MP
05 Cherry Ng Self Titled EP CP/E/M/MA/PR
05 Nobody Really Post No Bills  D E/PR/MP/S
05 Lesley Hoyles Stories You Earn LP CP/E/M/MA/MP
05 Don Castro Mommas Got Cheez  S P/E/M/MA/PR/MP/S
05 Sue Musleh Not Enough LP P/E/M/MA/MP
05 Lost In The Sun Self Titled EP E/M/MA
05 Bacon Pig Face Man EP E/M/MA
05 Adama Live @ VCC EP E/M/MA
05 Circle Of Eagles Teachings Of The Canoe MS P/E/M/MA/PR/S
05 BCIT Alumni DVD 2005 MS P/E/M/MA/PR/MP/S
05 Christina Maria Self Titled EP M/MA
05 Anneliese Maylam Self Titled D E/PR/MP/S
05 Philip McAlary Have It All Twice EP P/E/M/MA/PR/MP 
05 Don Krooky Informer S P/E/M/MA/PR/MP/S 
04 Garnette Legritto 1Piano 1Mic LP E/M/MA (Tracks 5,6,11,12)
04 Sugar Shane  For Guinevere LP CP/E/M/MA/A/PR/MP/S
04 West Coast Christmas  Compilation Album LP P/E/M/MA/MP 
04 Owen Bleakly Falling To Pieces E/M/MA/MP
04 Robyn Newman What They Can’t Have D E/PR/MP/S 
04 Yael Wand Antinomy  LP  CP/E/M/MA/MP 
04 Anna Baignoche Heart Bones LP E/M/MA
04 Harmony House Jazz & Blues fundraiser LP E/M/MA
04 Remedy X Steak Chops D E/M/MA
04 Chris Jorgens  One Way Ticket  LP  CP/E/M/MA/PR/MP/S 
04 Edwin Coppard Surrender To The Love EP E/M/MA/PR/MP
04 Valerie McLeod We Lost The Beat D E/MP
04 Nathan Hawks Self Titled D E/MP
04 Roberta Novakowski Self Titled D E/MP/S
04 Roland Vanuse Self Titled LP MA
04 Ralf Leon Self Titled LP E/M/MA
04 Kemble Skatchard Music Medley MS A
04 Lesley Hoyles Explorer EP CP/E/M/MA
04 Laura Nakhla Self Titled EP E/M/MA
03 Scarlet Cord Center Self Titled D E
03 Sekoya Plantaeshun LP E (Recorded Drums & Bass)
03 Kristin Keturah  Self Titled EP  P/E/M/MA/PR
03 Lana Benson Deeper Than Before LP MA
03 Sonicjoy  Urban Angel  LP  P/E/M/MA/PR/MP/S 
03 See Spot Rhyme  Self Tilted  D E/M/MA/PR/MP 
02 Theda Miller Remergence LP P/E/M/MA
02 Kynkayd  Self Titled EP MA/MP/S
01 Glenn Garinther Immortal LP P/E/M/MA/PR/MP
01 Tim Hughes Reverence LP CP/E/M/MA/MP
01 CR Avery You Haven’t Done Nothing S CP/E/M/MA/PR
01 Sonicjoy Sanctuary EP P/E/M/MA/PR/MP
01 Rae Spoon Honking At Mini Vans LP CP/E/M/MA
00 Myopia Self Titled LP E (With Mike Rogerson)
00 Mandido Morris Time On My Hands LP CP/E/M/MA
00 Joyelle Brandt Trio Sirens EP P/E
00 James Skinner Self Titled LP E/M
00 Tim Hughes Preview EP CP/E/M/MA/MP
99 Perpetuum Midnight Sun LP P/E/M/MA/MP
98 945 Orchestra Official LP CP/E/M
98 Cool Hand louke Self Tilted EP E/M
97 Soundtrax Jazz Choir Self Tilted EP E/M/MA
97 945 Orchestra Self Titled EP CP/E/M
96 Hierode In Stone EP E/M/MA/MP/S
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