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SOS Music has been a dream to work with on the production of my debut CD, “Heart Bones.” Sam Ryan and Adrian Lock are very skilled producers and sound technicians. Very soon after starting the recording project, I felt they were two people I could trust implicitly with both the technical and artistic side of my music. We are in the final stages of mixing and I am thrilled with how the recording is turning out. It is actually exceeding my expectations. Sam Ryan has been diligent and absolutely meticulous with the editing and mixing of the album. I would recommend SOS Music to anyone with complete confidence.

Anna Baignoche
Artist / Songwriter / Musician

Well I can go to your site but I don't need to... Let me say to you both... you are two of the most professional guys I have ever worked with... Thank you to this date from all of me... and yes a cheque is coming soon. Your company should say WOW instead of SOS... Sam how did u get those ears?

Sugar Shane
Artist / Songwriter / Musician
Adrian and Sam are two highly talented and experienced individuals who have proven to a very competitive music industry that their enthusiasm, creativity, energy, original style, and strengths are the ingredients of a successful production team.

Antoine Scotto
Multi Media / Graphic Designer
Of all the studios I've recorded in my life, SOS Music is the fastest and most efficient. It's a pleasure to work with cool people with great ears AND intuition about music. They make it easy for me, from either side of the mic.

Kent Wallace
Musician / Arranger
Whether its improvisation or getting together with a group and writing songs, Adrian definitely has the ability to step into any situation and hold his own. Currently I am working on my own acoustic studio recording with Adrian and am finding him very helpful on the production side of it. I also value his musical opinion and his ability to help produce anything that I might do for myself. I look forward to future projects that I might be involved with him in and highly recommend him for any services that he has to offer.

Nathan Jacobson
Musician / Songwriter
Every time I have had the pleasure to record with Sam Ryan & Adrian Lock at SOS Music, it has been the epitome of smooth, efficient, and reliable.

Gareth Seys
Musician / Arranger
I highly recommend SOS Music to anyone looking to work with a dynamic team of creative individuals and to anyone wanting to take home their very own lasting memories (not to mention friends for life!). Thanks for your continued support boys! Keep the flow, don't slow, pick it up, let's move, got the groove...

Tim Hughes
Artist / Songwriter / Musician


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